From Cheap Globe to Stylish Decoration




Introduction: From Cheap Globe to Stylish Decoration

I bought these globes at the dollar store and although I like them, I knew I could make them look better.

I transformed one of those into a polygonal globe. Which is still my most popular instructable.

For this one I wanted something specifically for Christmas. It looks awesome and no one could tell it's actually a dollar store craft.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

A globe

White acrylic paint


Gold vinyl. I have an electronic cutting machine to cut the vinyl. Or you could buy those sticker letters, I've seen them at the dollar store in gold, silver and black.

Step 2: Disassemble the Globe.

Carefully pull the axle to release the sphere.

Step 3: Paint the Globe

I wanted to make it less colourful so that the golden letters stand out.

But I didn't wanted to completely erase the continents or to have to paint them again.

To give it this awesome cloudy finish just put a little bit of paint on the sponge and pat.

Repeat in the same spot until you get the desired finish.

Repeat this step all over the globe, first paint one half, what until it's dry and continue with the other.

Step 4: Assemble the Globe

Put the globe back on its stand. Carefully or you could scratch the paint.

Step 5: Stick the Letters

Finally use the cutting machine to cut the vinyl. I share the file I made if you want the same quote.

Stick the letters to the globe.

Good job, it looks way better!



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