Picture of From Cheesy to a-MAZE-ing
I was thinking about making some sort of ornament, but then this maze idea came to me.  If you already have some paint, glue, and tape (ribbon would work too), then this instructable won't cost anything!  This might make a good stocking stuffer for little kids- or you really could hang it from a tree if you wanted.  Maybe write the recipients name on the backside.

The actual building of this didn't take too much time- waiting for paint/glue to dry between steps was the longest thing.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The main piece is the round box that those cheese wedges come in (probably any kind of small flat box would do- doesn't even have to be round).
Strips cut from junk mail cards make the 'channels' of the maze.
The plastic for the cover is from some packaging I saved (yes, I do have a lot of junk around- no side eye please :-} ).

Also used:
spray paint 
1 bead
usual craft supplies- pencil, scissors, etc.

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Before anything, I needed to make/draw a maze- it turned out to be harder than expected.  After some futile efforts, Google came to the rescue. This page of simple mazes comes from the All Kids Network.

After making an outline of the box, I drew a copy of the chosen maze.  Counting the number of rings needed, I made a paper template and took the measurements from there.  The reason for this step is because the sides of the box prevented my ruler from laying flat and getting an accurate measure.  On a strip of paper that fit inside the box I marked the circles on the paper and transferred them to the box.  Then I redrew the maze inside the box and outlined it for better visibility.

The pix below are worth a thousand words of explaining! 
grace68 months ago
wow ♥
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harleyhint2 years ago
very clever... I love things that are both decoration and distraction!
dismissie (author)  harleyhint2 years ago
thanks harleyhint!
rkramer2 years ago
I expect to see this marvel at Christmas!!
dismissie (author)  rkramer2 years ago
be careful what you wish for! <|:-)>