This Instructable is about people that spend more than five minutes in the wilderness and yes some of them are hunters and fishermen.

 Information on wildlife populations, invasive species, endangered species, and biodiversity is important to Environmental Agencies.Other than scientists there are four people that gather the best and most reliable information on wild life, Ornithologists (Ornithologists are Bird watchers), Photographers, Hunters, and Fishermen.

 I will never know where people got the belief hunters and fishermen hate the animals they hunt or fish, but for those that believe this take it from an ex hunter and a fisherman, I don’t hate the animals I hunt and fish. And I do not intend to argue the morals and ethics of culling wild animals from a person that has never spent five minutes in the wilderness or a vegan, because to me plants are living things also.

 Because of the loss of my eyesight, I am not safe hunting with a high powered rifle, so I traded my guns for a camera and I still hunt. I get to do what I love to do, just now if I make a mistake I lose pixels and electrons and no one, animals included gets hurt.

 This photo taken on 29/05/2008 at 11:33 am location Mount Forest Ontario Canada 1 Km Est. of Sligo Rd Est. on Southgate 4 Rd. In it you can clearly identify 1 Snapping Turtle and a number of Eastern Painted Turtles. The down side stats not reported and no tissue samples

Step 1: Ornithologists (Bird Watchers) and Photographers

 This photo of a White Tailed Doe Approximately 180 lb. was taken on the property of a local famous TV personality and they don’t want people to know where they live. They won’t let me back to photograph if I do give out their personal information. All stats not reported.

 Ornithologists and photographers gather the same information as hunters, and can have very reliable information, but they are not required to share information or take samples. Ornithologists and Photographers are not required to give out information no matter how important that information is.

 An Ornithologists may know where to photograph and record the calls of the Acadian Flycatcher, a bird listed as a spices at risk, with fewer than 40 breeding pairs. Or a photographer could know where he can photograph the Allegheny mountain dusky salamander. The Allegheny mountain dusky salamander is currently listed as Endangered under the Ontario Endangered Species Act, 2007 and Endangered under the federal Species at risk Act. In Canada, this species is known to occur only at one site in Quebec and in a small portion of the Niagara Gorge in Ontario.

 Environmental Agencies need people to report verifiable sightings so they know where to setup a protected habitat, protecting biodiversity, health, and populations of species at risk. 

 Ornithologists and photographers my not share information for these reasons and more, it could be to protect a person’s privacy or it could be so the EPA won’t stop them from putting in that pool they always wanted.

 They could keep information to themselves to protect the animals from endangered species collectors, or so they are the only one that knows where to photograph the Allegheny mountain dusky salamander.

Their reasons are not always honorable.
Good instructable. Something that the &quot;too quick to condemn what they don't understand&quot; crowd may not appreciate. I used to hunt rabbits for my dogs and the stew pot when we were allowed to own guns, rabbits here are a complete pest and have destroyed much natural wildlife. <br>Love your photos, I used to be a snake wrangler and always wished I had a camera - though its a bit hard to wrangle a deadly and take a photo!!
Yea but the only nasty we have here is the Mississauga Rattler and they are rare compared to the Butler Garter. Did you Google what I suggested yesterday? <br>Joe
Surely you mean the Massassauga rattler... there is no such thing as a &quot;Mississauga Rattler&quot;. Just saying.<br> <br> If you'd like to learn about this incredible creature, go to the freedictionary_dot_com (then add) &quot;/massasauga+rattler&quot; without the quotes.
Yea I meant the little muck rattler
An invasive species may feed gamefish but they also may outproduce a native species the gamefish traditionally fed upon or themselves feed upon another species that did not have as an aggressive a predator. <br> <br>It's best not to introduce anything into an ecosystem it doesn't belong in. <br> <br>The problem is that we as humans were so impressed with the fact we could successfully move a species halfway around the globe that we never stopped to think about whether we should be doing it.
Did you read the part about the spotted rusty crawfish the fish I had in with the crawfish should have eaten the crawfish not be chased away by them.
This monday I could see two stained lizard (<a href="https://www.google.com.ar/search?um=1&hl=es&client=firefox-a&tbo=d&rls=org.mozilla%3Aes-ES%3Aofficial&biw=1366&bih=628&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=lagarto+overo&oq=lagarto+overo&gs_l=img.3..0l7j0i24l3.15044.17246.0.18573." rel="nofollow">lagarto overo</a>) at the El Palmar National Park, Col&oacute;n, Entre R&iacute;os, Argentina.&nbsp; They are very shy, did not give me time to photograph them.
Unless they are sunning themselves all reptiles are hard to photograph like this Butlers Garter Snake. <br>Joe <br>
Reptiles are beautiful, like almost all animals.
Fantastic instructable and some very interesting information. I love wildlife photography and filming, I used to enjoy shooting but due to my physical disabilities I can no longer do that. Great work.
Most of the places I go mow is handicapped accessible there are no ten K walks in the wilderness anymore.

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