I recenlty opened a company called Variable Fashion. Our goal at Variable is to make business appropriate clothing for geeky people. We think smart is sexy and we should wear our geekyness with pride! The following Instructable is showing you how we went from our friend's math thesis to making a dress shirt.

If you think this is cool and want to buy a shirt instead of making one, check out our Kickstarter! Our dream is to make a bunch of these shirts for our fellow geeks.


Step 1: Find a Friend With Cool Homework

The Calculus shirt was inspired by our friend Mikhail's homework. He is a math PhD student at McGill University in Montreal. Our designer Wilber was mesmerized by his handwriting and started this project by taking a photo of his homework. The formulas are for finding the portion of the surface area of a sphere.

<p>Hahaha, I love it!!</p><p>I made a t-shirt with a similar idea :</p><p>http://www.sergent-tobogo.com/tee-shirt/humour/math/</p>
<p>Haha! Nice job!</p>
<p>Lovely.</p><p>I hope your business does well.</p>
<p>Clever! :)</p>
<p>As a geek and fashion appreciator, I love these!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
Looking smart. :-)<br>Good luck on kickstarter.

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Bio: I just opened a fashion line making business clothes for geeky people. Our philosophy is you can express your geekiness in the office because geeks ... More »
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