Hello everyone.
I've always enjoyed fishing, although I'm not very good at it, and a few weeks ago I bought an inflatable boat to go fishing with it. The obvious problem that I faced was the fact that I was on an inflatable boat and at the same time, I was carrying my fishing gear (hooks, blades, scissors, etc).
No one needs to be a genius to realize that what I was doing was completely dangerous, or crazy; not to mention that I had no life-jacket (Shhhhhh...).
Fortunately I had no incidents (and I didn't catch anything), but from that moment on, I decided I had to do something about it, and what I did can be seen in this ible'.
In order to protect the fragile vinyl like boat material, I built a carpet layer that sits on the top of the boat. It goes all the way from the deck, until the border of the boat, where the orange end touches the black bottom of the boat.
This carpet is totally removable. It is not glued to the boat. The reasons why I didn't do this way are:
1) I don't use this boat only for fishing. I also use it for navigating Guanabara Bay, in Rio de Janeiro, where I live;
2) It would be very hard to deflate the boat, or to know the correct inflation point.

I would like to thank a friend of mine, José Resende, who gave me the piece of carpet and glue. Without his help, I would have spent a lot of money to buy these things.

Step 1: Materials

I'm using a boat with a 210Lb. (95Kg.) capacity
It is about 69" / 45" / 10~12" (175cm / 114cm / 25~30cm)

This is what you'll need:
About 9.4ft² (3.1m²) of carpet
Glue for the carpet
SuperGlue for the paper
Screw driver (to open the big glue can)
Scissors (I used a Swiss multi-tool)
Knife (I used a Swiss multi-tool)
Chalk (mine is a bit broken)
A pot
A piece of rope, used to spread the glue. You can use a brush instead, but you'll have to dispose it at the end of the process.
<p>This reminds me of the time my moms boyfriend and I filled a raft with expandable foam. worked great, but we destroyed it. </p>
<p>Same happened to this carpet cover :(</p>
Do you live by where they shot fast and furious 5???
I would love to see it in action... Nice work
I'm working on it. Thanx.
nice now the infallable won't sink this is such a awesome idea
We have an inflatable boat like this we used to fish out of before we got a canoe. This would have been awesome for a little safety. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQn6Zbm9FI8
Indeed. It would only take maybe twice the time, and materials I used, due to the size of your boat.
Very well done! it must be a big help
Thank you.
This is an excellent solution. :D
Thank you.
very interesting solution for your problem
Thank you.
I always wanted to take an inflatable like this and fill it full of that two part expanding foam. That would be pretty much infallible.
It would, but you'd never be able to &quot;deflate&quot; it again. Besides, sometimes these foams expand irregularly.
WOW, you have done an excellent work. But to say &quot;infallible&quot; seems a bit adventurous... <br> <br>A friend was fishing sharks near Punta del Este (Uruguay) on an inflatable boat with some friends, and one of them ripped the boat with the big hook used to raise the shark. They Barely reached the coast, trying to close the hole with their hand.
I've been to Punta del Este many years ago, but I stayed on the Brazilian side, and I only watched that huge waterfall. <br>But anyway, you're right. I'm sure Arcadia (my boat) is not 100% safe, hehehe. It only makes me feel less reluctant to go fishing on it.
Doesn't the carpet get awfully wet and heavy? <br>
There's no carpet under the boat, if that's what you mean. The existing carpet stays 95% dry all the time. Only a small amount of carpet surrounding the lateral of the boat is eventually wet.

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