Step 3: Step 3 (NOTE: This Step Can Be Skipped Until the End.)

             This is the ignition system for the rocket:

I first cut off about ¾ inch of that coffee stirring straw and super glued it inside the bottom nozzle of the rocket. Don’t get a lot of glue on the engine; keep it on the straw and nozzle.

Then I carefully squeezed the engine igniter through the straw until it stopped. You might have to straighten out the leads on the igniter with the pliers. Just don’t let them cross, because they’ll cause the igniter to malfunction.

I finally rolled up a piece of the recovery wadding and wedged it in the straw between the leads. This holds the igniter in place and keeps the leads from crossing.

            (Don’t worry about clogging the nozzle. The igniter, straw, and wadding will burn up really fast.)

hahaha. the nosecone is missing because once the engine burns through, there is an ejection stage, where it blows out the top of the engine, ejecting the recovery system(parachute), so you can reuse the rocket
Let's see: You've managed to take a perfectly good model rocket engine that has an end-burning propellant load, change the nozzle to an unoptimized size and shape, make it heavier, and make it into a hazard to live and limb. I've still got scars from trying something like this 55+ years ago, and I was one of the lucky ones.<br><br>There is a reason model rocket engines are made using paper engine cases, and there is also a reason real rocket engineers study chemistry and physics before they start designing.
Tehe!!! Reminds me of when I was a kid and took a CO2 cartridge and drilled out the punctured end with a drill and was going to make a rocket motor. Packed it with match heads and a fuse. Only problem is it went about 6 feet before exploding like a hand grenade breaking out 3 windows in my house! DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! ROCKETMEN!!! Your survival is at risk!
We have had an anomy XD
I think you mean &quot;Anomaly&quot;
I would recommend using something like Open Rocket (free and open source, http://openrocket.sourceforge.net/) when designing rockets not from a kit. It's fairly intuitive and can mean the difference between a nice, safe model and a dangerous missile like this.
OK... kewl... BUT<br><br>metal has shrapnel potential... so take care to protect yourself and others from same... In this case, a jacket, gloves and face shield would probably be adequate. (Pants that cover legs and shoes (not sandals or flip-flops.)<br><br>Safest model rocketry construction uses paper, tissue, cardboard, and balsa. Some light plastics are often used, but pose potential eye hazard (safety glasses, goggles or face shield are a good idea.)<br><br>Be safe...
dude you failed so failed on that just saying but wow LOL goes spinning in circles and lands in, POISON IVY, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH LOL
HAHA Yeah, it might have been a complete fail, but it was still funny. Oh and any good little boyscout (or brownie in your case) would know that that wasn't poison ivy. lol
wasn't that poison ivy you were digging through? haha
Add an extend body plus nose and this might get some altitude. I like the idea of reusing the CO2 cartridges, makes me think something else might be possible. Great Job!
Like a liquid-fueled rocket perhaps???
what is a handy-dandy Dremel tool with a metal cutting head
&nbsp;haha nice....for&nbsp;stability&nbsp;reasons you should try making the rocket a bit longer..and bigger fins..and also some sorta launch pad..if you put rings on the side and then drove at stick in the ground and put the rings thru it, itd help
RE: Stability<br /> That's correct. More specifically, the distance between the &quot;Center of Gravity&quot; and the &quot;Center of Pressure&quot; should be equal to the diameter of the body tube. Rocket science is cool, but try not to blow yourself up! lol ;-)<br />
i did what you did for ignition but used a 9v battery and some wirewool ! <br />

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