I had some jeans that wore out in the crotch and a bag of sleeves that  a coworker of mine rremoved from some sporting shirts..... I turned these materials into a dress....

Step 1:

Here are my materials....

1 I cut the seams on each sleeve that I use, 8 in all

2 I cut the pants down to below the pockets

3 I pin the frabric and sew the extra fabric so that the old crotch area is flat ( I use soap to make my markings. its temporary and very visable)
Luv It very nice :o)<br>
Thank you!
Very creative idea! 5 Stars and my vote!
O wow thanks so much for your vote
You're very welcome!
I like the cut, and the bold colourful strips against the denim.
Thank you so much... I can't wait to actually wear it somewhere.

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