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OK, next basement project is making a corner for Arts & Crafts(or Kindergarten Korner). Over the last year I've been painting, binding books and have the parts to make a printing press. I need a space for all that. And storage. My first Craftsman tool box has been sitting on a firehall table for the last year, collecting more junk. One of the wheels was broken, so I had taken them all off. As I've been on a REUSE kick, guess where this is headed? I'm going to build a storage box for underneath the tool box, and put some fresh wheels there. The former bottom box becomes the creamy filling, and the top, well the top is still a top. But, with an added brush shelf.
Off to make the blonde bottom . . 

Step 1: Oh, yes, The Blonde Bottom

Picture of Oh, yes, The Blonde Bottom
This bottom bin will hold 2 long milk crates, and was sized accordingly. It's new wheels will be the finest Indian casters that Harbor Freight sells. I bought some nice 3/4 inch plywood and had them cut it at the store(for free). I had bought a router last year in my short lived luthier  life, and It was time to use it a second time. The edges and middle support were routed out. The whole thing was glued and screwed. I included my test piece for reference. To attach the wheels I used Tee Nuts, so that nothing was sticking up in the way of the milk crates. Topside I nailed on some plates to keep the Craftsman centered, attached by gravity. This thing is beefy, I got on it for a ride.
OK, let's get bristlin'.
dhenz882 years ago
I like how creative this project is. I don't own a tool box but this one seems like a perfect storage area for all my euroffice office supplies.
fretted2 years ago
Great idea i'd try this if all mine weren't full of tools

Nice Ible
amishjim (author)  fretted2 years ago
Thank You.