The title says it all, I'm creating a knife from an old bolt.

This is part one, of two or three. This instructable will cover flattening, and shaping the tip of the bolt (or should I say knife). The next one will covering sharping.


I am not responsible for any dumb actions you make with making the knife, to using the knife!!!!!! DON'T USE A CLAW HAMMER LIKE I DID UNLESS THAT IS YOUR LAST RESORT (which explains why I'm using a claw hammer...)

Step 1: Flattening the Bolt

I took my anvil, and I struck the bolt until I got it to my desired thickness (self explanatory...) plus I struck the top of the part not being used for my blade, and I hit it a little hard, and flattened any uneven spots.

Step 2: Rounding the Top

What I did for this step is take the now flattened blade, held it in my pliers, and I took the hammer at an angle and flattened it. You'll need to hold onto that bolt as tight as you can, or off it will fly!

Step 3: Things You'll Need

You'll need:

  • A hammer
  • An old bolt
  • An anvil or an ASO (Anvil Shaped Object)
  • Pliers for grip
  • Some strength
  • And determination

Step 4: Last Words

This so far is a fun project! I am enjoying it, and what it has for me. Next, I will cover grinding the blade to make it sharp.

How well does it hold an edge
<p>I've tried sharpening it with a bench grinder, and it doesn't hold an edge well! It wasn't even that sharp to be honest.</p>
Can you Heat treat thisss?
<p>I've been thinking of how to heat treat it, I'm thinking putting it under a torch like MAPP or hotter, and quenching it.</p>
Any more parts?
<p>was about to vote for this 'ible but <br> the same thing had been posted earlier so the other guy got my vote</p>
<p>There was another guy who did the same thing?</p>
<p>Not strictly, he made knives out of nails. Perhaps similar, but not the same.<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Knives/</p>

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