From a Bolt, to a Knife: How to Cold Forge a Knife From a Bolt Pt. 1





Introduction: From a Bolt, to a Knife: How to Cold Forge a Knife From a Bolt Pt. 1

The title says it all, I'm creating a knife from an old bolt.

This is part one, of two or three. This instructable will cover flattening, and shaping the tip of the bolt (or should I say knife). The next one will covering sharping.


I am not responsible for any dumb actions you make with making the knife, to using the knife!!!!!! DON'T USE A CLAW HAMMER LIKE I DID UNLESS THAT IS YOUR LAST RESORT (which explains why I'm using a claw hammer...)

Step 1: Flattening the Bolt

I took my anvil, and I struck the bolt until I got it to my desired thickness (self explanatory...) plus I struck the top of the part not being used for my blade, and I hit it a little hard, and flattened any uneven spots.

Step 2: Rounding the Top

What I did for this step is take the now flattened blade, held it in my pliers, and I took the hammer at an angle and flattened it. You'll need to hold onto that bolt as tight as you can, or off it will fly!

Step 3: Things You'll Need

You'll need:

  • A hammer
  • An old bolt
  • An anvil or an ASO (Anvil Shaped Object)
  • Pliers for grip
  • Some strength
  • And determination

Step 4: Last Words

This so far is a fun project! I am enjoying it, and what it has for me. Next, I will cover grinding the blade to make it sharp.



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    How well does it hold an edge

    I've tried sharpening it with a bench grinder, and it doesn't hold an edge well! It wasn't even that sharp to be honest.

    Can you Heat treat thisss?

    I've been thinking of how to heat treat it, I'm thinking putting it under a torch like MAPP or hotter, and quenching it.

    was about to vote for this 'ible but
    the same thing had been posted earlier so the other guy got my vote

    There was another guy who did the same thing?

    Not strictly, he made knives out of nails. Perhaps similar, but not the same.