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Hello everyone, today I am bringing you my latest creation and this time it has nothing to do with electronics. I don't have much space at my condo to have a work bench with all my tools and electronic equipment to build things, I've been working on my projects out of my desk and it's always a mess and disorganized . So one quite afternoon I looked over across the living room and saw the bookcase and I could not remember the last time I bought a book or took one out of the bookcase. I guess since I bought the kindle fire. Then it clicked, get rid of the books and make the bookcase useful,  so I converted it into  a workstation. Hell yeahhhhh. 
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Step 1: Material List

Picture of Material List
Material List
• 4’ x 8’ x  ½” plywood sheet (1)
• 1” x 4’ x 8’ wood stud  (4)
• 1” drywall screws
• ¾” wood screws
• “ L “ shape bracket medium (12)
• Wood stain
• Wood filler
• 1” x 8” Door trim
• Wood Glue
• Schlage 10 3/8”, 1” right-hand support hinge
• Schlage 10 3/8”, 1” left-hand support hinge
• Everbuilt 3 ½” oil-rubbed Bronze 5/8” Radius door hinges (4)
• Everbuilt 6” Zinc plated heavy-duty Tee hinge (2)
• Garage Door Handles
• Magnetic Door Catcher (2) single with strong magnet
• Pegboard  ¼”  holes 2’ x 4’ (1)
• ¼” pegs (do not get the ones that fit 1/8” holes, these fall off the pegboard when removing any tool from it)
• Pegboard accessories
• Under cabinet LED kit with Driver
• Rocker Switches (4)
• Power Pack

adevaraju9 months ago
impressive. ... most impressive
hdailey10 months ago
great idea! Just what I need for my craft stuff.
Wh1tey2411 months ago
Very inspiring nice work!!
robdavinci (author)  Wh1tey2411 months ago
Thank you.
hfoster611 months ago
how much did the materials cost you?
robdavinci (author)  hfoster611 months ago
About $120.00 all together.
BayRatt11 months ago
Wow, that turned out stunning! How long did it take to build?
robdavinci (author)  BayRatt11 months ago
Thank you, it took me about 12hrs.
A very well thought out design....hell YEAH!
robdavinci (author)  bricabracwizard11 months ago
Thank you, I wanted a simple and professional look to it.
audreyobscura11 months ago
Well done! Such a great transformation.
robdavinci (author)  audreyobscura11 months ago
Thank you.