Hello everyone, today I am bringing you my latest creation and this time it has nothing to do with electronics. I don't have much space at my condo to have a work bench with all my tools and electronic equipment to build things, I've been working on my projects out of my desk and it's always a mess and disorganized . So one quite afternoon I looked over across the living room and saw the bookcase and I could not remember the last time I bought a book or took one out of the bookcase. I guess since I bought the kindle fire. Then it clicked, get rid of the books and make the bookcase useful,  so I converted it into  a workstation. Hell yeahhhhh. 

Step 1: Material List

Material List
• 4’ x 8’ x  ½” plywood sheet (1)
• 1” x 4’ x 8’ wood stud  (4)
• 1” drywall screws
• ¾” wood screws
• “ L “ shape bracket medium (12)
• Wood stain
• Wood filler
• 1” x 8” Door trim
• Wood Glue
• Schlage 10 3/8”, 1” right-hand support hinge
• Schlage 10 3/8”, 1” left-hand support hinge
• Everbuilt 3 ½” oil-rubbed Bronze 5/8” Radius door hinges (4)
• Everbuilt 6” Zinc plated heavy-duty Tee hinge (2)
• Garage Door Handles
• Magnetic Door Catcher (2) single with strong magnet
• Pegboard  ¼”  holes 2’ x 4’ (1)
• ¼” pegs (do not get the ones that fit 1/8” holes, these fall off the pegboard when removing any tool from it)
• Pegboard accessories
• Under cabinet LED kit with Driver
• Rocker Switches (4)
• Power Pack

impressive. ... most impressive
great idea! Just what I need for my craft stuff.
Very inspiring nice work!!
Thank you.
how much did the materials cost you?
About $120.00 all together.
Wow, that turned out stunning! How long did it take to build?
Thank you, it took me about 12hrs.
A very well thought out design....hell YEAH!
Thank you, I wanted a simple and professional look to it.
Well done! Such a great transformation.
Thank you.

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