I had an old fireplace, which, to give more heat, I transformed into stove.

It happened in 2011

Step 1: Project

Sheets, angles, few bricks and M6 screws.

Step 2: Disassembly

Cleaned and checked , what I keep and what I throw.

Step 3: Let's Get to Work

I first made a frame from angle. I welded 3 walls of metal sheet. The fourth wall is removable.

I welded brackets for bricks and I mounted the fourth wall with M6 screws.

Step 4: 2014

A few days ago I cleaned it, in order to prepare for winter.

Step 5: Powering ON

I turned it on for the fourth winter.

Step 6:

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<p>This is another excellent instructable. Love it!</p><p>Hey, congrats on the win in the winterize challenge!</p>
Thank you, your comment honors me !

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