DIY Solar Charger for Mobile Phone Charger Flashlights.





Introduction: DIY Solar Charger for Mobile Phone Charger Flashlights.

I wanted to divide with my sunny charge of mobile phone. I executed her several months from charge with sunny battery flashlight ago. It to this time acts without no problems.

Step 1: Buy Sunny Flashlight.

Flashlight then the simple device which inflicts with times a lot of problem. When it is necessary then exactly it does not shine. Look for she would not inflict such problem I found with charge sunny battery. Times be used so I decided her to remake on charge of mobile phone.
Photo represents my sunny flashlight

Step 2: Additional Elements

She would fulfil the function of charge of mobile phone I added two elements. Battery from inefficient player MP4 and modified feeder from car charge.

Step 3:

Step 4: Modification of Configuration of Car Charge.

Photo represents the casing of charger as well as way as they would unlock to remove with her circuit her. The patern of electronic arrangement on next photos will be what was as well as his change. It was one should remake with function the STEP DOWN on STEP UP feeder and add to existing elements only one resistor.

Step 5: Original Scheme Step Down MC 34063

Step 6: Modified Scheme Step UP MC 34063

Step 7: The Connection of Modules in the Whole.

The electronic patern shows the original arrangement of sunny charge. It is the source of stored energy the accumulators of flashlight and added from player MP4. Added converter is essential would contend voltage on suitable level to correct charge mobile phone.
Switch which added serves to disconnecting converter when internal accumulators be cherge solar. Light up red diode the switches on in mode of loading the phone be signaled the LED.

Step 8: Place of Sunny Charge.

Green diode LED signals from the cell which charge internal accumulators correc voltages.

Step 9: Charge Mobile Phone.

The photo presents the charge of altered sunny cell the mobile phone. The red diode signals switches on as well as the presence of tension on accumulators of charge.



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    Hi Can you specify the input voltage to the modified setup of car charger.

    Car Chargers tend to be built on a variety of integrated circuits. With IC should read his name and simply enter the web search. After finding such data in PDF read out the operating parameters. I recommend the online calculator for integrated circuit described at the following address

    loader? u mean charger dont you?

    Thanks. I Fixed The