What you will need :

Something to convert into a shadow box. I used an old medicine cabinet. Consider an old dart board case. Opens from the middle (doesn't have glass to see inside though)

Paint- I used blue glitter paint (blue is one of my daughters favorite colors) bought at Home Depot/Martha Stewart brand

Sand Paper, paint (I bought Navy blue glitter paint/Home Depot)

Carving tool - If you want to carve out the wood grain like I did.

Foam core board - to replace back of cabinet with/allows pictures and other "stuff" to be pinned or glued.

decorative jewels and other detailing items for inside of box/Michaels or crasft store.

screwdriver - To remove door and back of cabinet

Flat black spray - For back of project (if needed or desired)

Frame hanging kit - So you can hang your shadow box once completed.

Light source - Bought cool battery powered 3 LED light/Home Depot

Step 1: Find a Suitable Shadow Box

I found a 1930's medicine cabinet for a song on Craiglist.

<p>This is a great! Nice job! I love looking at craigslist just for fun sometimes to see what cool things I can find :)</p>
<p>Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Craigslist is a great place to search for cool used items one can convert into art or other useful things. :)</p>

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