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Introduction: From the Skies to the Street

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I created this outfit for a costuming event. It's inspired by a mish-mash of steampunk, Amelia Earhart, and DaVinci machines. The only elements I didn't design and create from scratch are the hat, goggles, boots, and white lace shirt (under the corset). This instructable will hopefully inspire some of my fellow costumers out there. We spend countless hours developing a costume to wear, at most, a few times a year. Why not do more with some of those designs.

As I made this outfit, I fell in love with the jacket. It's fully lined, comfortable, and unique, so I took it from a costume piece to a fun piece of outerwear. What costume piece could you work into your wardrobe?



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    Wow very nice job! Looking at your pictures makes me feel like a final fantasy game just came to life. Now I want to play final fantasy instead of go back to my sewing machine, lol.

    Way cool, when I dress like that I feel so invisible, people don't see me - they only see my clothes. It is like hiding in plain sight.

    This could totally be a Guns of Icarus Online cosplay.

    i love your wing backpack thing!!! did you make it yourself???

    I love this so much! beautiful! i think this is my favorite project on instructibles so far! awesome job

    nice outfit where did you get the gogles?

    Left you a vote. :-)

    The sleeves are amazing! I love pleats at sleeves.... Shirring just wouldn't do :)