Front Brakes Inspection.


Introduction: Front Brakes Inspection.

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Time for my bi annual car brakes inspection. The tools involved are;

Pair of gloves.
Cordless drill with 1/2inch socket Adapter.
1/2inch Ratchet with 17mm deep socket.
Aluminum tube.
32mm socket.
OEM car jack.
17mm wheel nut adapter.

Step 1: Slacken the Wheel Nuts.

Using the aluminum tube and Ratchet with 17mm deep socket and nut adapter, I slackened the nuts.

Step 2: Raising the Car.

First I pulled the handbrake up. Then I used my drill and 32mm socket to quickly raise the car to lift the wheel off the ground.

Step 3: Removing the Tire.

Using the drill I quickly removed the wheel nuts. I normally place the tire under the car near the oem jack.

Step 4: Inspection.

Now to inspect the brake assembly. The pads, calipers, hydraulic line, rotor and caliper pins all look good.

Step 5: Putting Back on the Tire.

Putting back the tire was easy. I used the drill in screw mode with the torque stop so I won't wring my hand when the nut stopped. I made sure to tighten the nuts in diagonal pattern. I repeated the same exercise for the other front tire. Both sides are in good state so I'm quite happy.



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