Step 5: Installation

I installed two screws into the wall spaced 8" apart, then hung the sign above this sort of doorway/staircase thing.  The wire runs into the "server closet" under the stairs, into the relay box, which then has a cable that runs to the bathroom door around the corner.

It works pretty well since people would already leave the bathroom door open when not in use.  I got lucky with estimating the wire lengths so I didn't end up having to splice any wires together.

Besides the reportedly amazing productivity benefits, it was a a fun project and, as always, the laser cutters are like making things on ez-mode.
I love this thing and you picked great designs! You should enter this into the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-Fathers-Day/">Father's Day Challenge</a> that is ending tonight at midnight!
Thanks! I'm afraid this isn't for anyone's father though :(
This looks aweson
This reads like one big advertisment to me :-( from the &quot;i work at...&quot; right down to the amazon links with (i presume) your referer. <br> <br>You may have meant it as a guide, but to me only all the brandname- and link- dropping stands out :-( <br> <br>I only hope I am wrong
Haha, I receive no compensation for those links, but I will remove them if it gives that impression.
Its hard to judge intentions over the internet. And i admittedly jumped to conclusions regarding the &quot;ref&quot; part of the link - are you saying they are not referer-payment links, or are you just saying you don't make any money because nobody clicks them? (i am sure you can see which one i find a bad excuse ;-)<br><br>Either way, I did not mark it as spam or anything since it did look like an honest to god guide. Instead i decided to post my opinion, take away what you want or ignore me :-)<br>
np, a private message might have sufficed here though. I mention the names of places I buy materials from and the part numbers whenever possible because I like it when other people do it. It makes it easy to get my own and not accidentally buy the wrong items. <br> <br>I investigated the ref= Amazon link you were referring to, they apparently were &quot;ref=oh_details&quot;, which appers to be generated when you copy the link from your &quot;order history details&quot;. Good to know they make suspicious links though, thanks for the heads up. Mouser does not have a link affiliate program that I am aware of.
a private message would have been a waste of time had you actually been spamming :-) a public one means other visitors get to make up their own mind (and possibly correct me)<br><br>i am perfectly willing to admit that i'm likely one of the more anal anti-ad people around here (if i had my way, linking to your own blog in an instructable is spam, unless there is a really good requirement for the link - we all get the &quot;homepage&quot; box where we can put such a link) and your &quot;offense&quot; was even in my book very light (hence only a post and i tried to be extra civil in it too :-)<br><br>Good thing its all sorted though, and just so you know, most other people here are a lot less annoying than me, so don't let me scare you away ;-)<br><br><br>
Honestly? As long as there is a full instructable, and you can download the files and it is something people can learn from. Then you can drop you links as often as you like.
two minor issues while I do agree with your overall sentiment;<br><br>1) If it looks like an advertising off the bat, people might not look any further and the post does not get its otherwise deserved attention<br><br>2) the referer links i believe are against the site rules, and there is no mention that following them could make money for the poster<br><br>This post just really stood out to me (but yes, I might hate advertising and self-promoting people more than average, I do however try to point it out nicely when it does not look intentional :-)<br>
This is a great idea. Love it. :D

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