This mod is for anyone who owns certain tools such as a soldering iron and/or a hot glue gun that have to be unplugged every time you're done with it. It's also good for many other uses and it's nice to have several grounded outlets at hand right at your hip.

Before starting this mod, think about placement and where you're going to plug it in...as I state in my final thoughts, It's a good Idea to have a power strip at the back of the bench in which you can plug this one into. So think about the depth of your bench.

Also I hate that I have to say this, but once the power strip is open, don't plug it in until it's closed again.


Power Strip with appropriate length cord


Drill (preferably powered)
1/2" Drill bit (spade bit will work the best for most drills)
Soldering Iron
Desoldering wick or tool (not necessary but handy)

Step 1: Open It Up

First step is to open up the power strip. Mine was a cheap Belkin brand one that I bought for $3 at Home Depot. It had some of those safety screws that can only be tightened (the ones with the two triangles that have a slope on one side). I found that it was quite easy to remove these screws just by adding more pressure with a flat-head screwdriver whilst turning counter clockwise.

There were 3 security screws and two #2 phillips on this specific model.
Wouldn't have have been easier to just cut a notch up the 2x4 rather than drill disassemble it?
 The solder on the strip may have been Lead-Free. It requires a bit more heat to work with. Looks cool, I'm in the middle of doing something like this for myself. But alas I'm in the middle of building this and I haven't bought the house or built the bench to affix this to. 
I justed added a front power strip purchased at Harbor Freight #96737 for $25. The outlets allow a Wart to be inserted vertically. Take a look.
I love the clean design... but I'd be very reluctant to f around with the solder in a powerstrip that will have power tools running through it. Just too much risk of melty badness. There's a reason the original solder is hard to melt! I'd rather notch the 2x4 on one edge and pass the cable through that way. Less work, and removable too.
I take it the plug was molded to the flex? Otherwise it would be much easier to unwire the plug, pass wire through the hole, and then re-wire the plug.
right, I could have even bought a new plug, but I like making things look nice, even if you don't always see it and a crappy clamp on plug wont cut it.
Nice idea.. I prefer to use my PC power strip (actually I have 2, but I don't have enough room on my computer/work desk for both). Here's one of them:
Once I upgrade my comp (and screen)... I'll hopefully have more room for working on :)

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