Picture of Front Pocket Wallet
Using an Altoids lid, a couple of rubber bands and a paper clip, you can sport a cool and handy front pocket wallet.

Step 1: Gather your materials

Picture of Gather your materials
This should take you a few seconds. You need one Altoids lid, two rubber bands, and a paperclip. If you really want to trick out your new wallet, use thin hair elastics instead.

can we use an whole altoids tin?

micmac (author)  cthulufthagn428 months ago
Well, probably not. You cannot install the clips or bands. I guess that would be a tin you carry in your pocket with stuff in it.
I added felt to the inside of mine, and I put stickers on the front of it then I put modge podge over the stickers so they wouldn't come off.
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I love it! It's my wallet now, when I was at Walmart an old lady said "That's a creative idea!" I've only had it a week
bobert6105 years ago
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i used a magnet
 Watch out for the magnetic strips on your ID and credit cards. 
tested numorous times by man different Much-Smarter-Than-Us people it doesn't mess with your cards
The only hard part is folding the paper clip.
 I'm glad you stopped yelling, my ears were bleeding. 
amakerguy6 years ago
Thats prety cool
eman_p7 years ago
Just made one, a helpful note might be what size paperclip you used.. I think my paperclip was larger than yours... and the can lid was probably different, since it wasn't actually Altoids... anyways, great start, now it's time for me to load it up! Thanks for the great idea!
PaulTozzi8 years ago
i like the closure alot
adamthiede8 years ago
Neat. Im gonna make one now.
micmac (author)  adamthiede8 years ago
Thanks. I am proud of the design, even if almost no one else is. I built this in a pinch when my Fossil front pocket wallet broke, but I'm still carrying it months later. It earned me major cred with some geeky engineer-co-workers when they saw it. Works great and the price is right. Enjoy.
mikesty8 years ago
+ because I put my wallet in my front pocket.