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Introduction: Frontsuspension

According to our short timeframe, we decided to use an entire frontsuspension from an existing car. After long researches, our idea was taking the Lotus Elise/Exige ones. As it is really hard to get one in this area, it is also very very expensive. That's why we thought about using another suspension. Another lightweight vehicle, which is more common around here is the Toyota MR2 Spyder.
After several phone calls and long delivery times the parts arrived and we could pick them up. The next step is making a digital 3D model of all parts. As we didn't use a 3D laser scanner, we measured every single part manually. Which, of course, led to impreciseness.
After all suspension parts are digitalized, we started to think about, how to mount them on our frame.



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    The front suspension pictured is identical to the 99-05 grand am which if you are in North America are everywhere and VERY inexpensive. The control arm is aluminum on the non-gt model and steel on the gt

    where the heck did you get that image from!

    hmm... im not sure where i got it from. probably like