These delicious cookies are a take on one of my favorite childhood treats, "Mother's Circus Animal cookies". Each cookie has been individually dipped in high quality chocolate and then sprinkled with Jumbo Multi-Color Nonpareils.

These cookies are perfect for any circus themed birthday party or even a baby shower.


Step 1: Ingredients & Prep


4 Boxes Barnum's Animals Cookies

Jumbo Nonpareils

1lb. White Candy Melts

1lb. Pink Candy Melts


2 baking sheets or cutting boards lined with wax paper

Separate cookies into containers- 2 boxes for Pink/ 2 boxes for White

Pour sprinkles in small bowl

Oh those cookies look delicious
Awesome! Where do you get your chocolate melts? Those pink ones look cool :)
Thanks! The melts are from a little boutique shop in Berkeley called Spun Sugar. They are oddly shaped. They look like mini licorice :)

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