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Did you ever stop to think about how those marshmallows feel when you're roasting them over a hot, open flame? Well, it turns out they are pretty darn upset about it! First they are ripped away from their friends (in the marshmallow bag), impaled with a stick, and waved over a fire. And sometimes they are accidentally (or purposefully!!!) set on fire, only to bubble and burn. If such a fate as that doesn't await them, they are quickly eaten OR placed between graham crackers with some chocolate, but alas, still eaten. Hence, frowny marshmallow on a stick and frowny s'more.

I designed the crochet patterns to make these: both the finished products and pattern can be found in my Etsy shop: I used all acrylic yarns, black embroidery thread, black bead eyes, and brown pipe cleaners.

*Note: no marshmallows were harmed in the making of these crochet projects.


designpieces (author)2008-02-07

I think your frowny marshmallow could also be named "Sad S'mores". Very cute. Or, very sad. But, very calorie-free!


Wasagi (author)designpieces2008-04-30

hate to be contradictory, but these probably have 700+ calories, 1 calorie is the amount of energy it takes to raise 1 liter of water 1 degree. "Sad S'Mores" Good One!

DesignerUserName (author)Wasagi2008-07-28

Celcius, correct?

Sgt.Waffles (author)Wasagi2008-06-29

Cubic centimeter of water, not a liter. BIIIIIG difference.

aliciak (author)Wasagi2008-04-30

Well, these are crochet and not edible. I think you know what designpieces meant by calorie-free...let's not get nit-picky here. :)

Edward_2010 (author)aliciak2008-06-27

Negative calories to make one!!!!!

porcupinemamma (author)2009-09-25

Very creative! I wonder... would there be some way to make the marshmallow look golden around the edges?

aliciak (author)porcupinemamma2009-09-25

Ooooh yes, maybe using a toasty brown/white mottled yarn for the top? That would be cute!

Nikki213 (author)2009-06-11

LOL! That's toooo cute!!

Poor Marshmellow!

fantasy1000 (author)2008-07-31

Very Clever!

Lithium Rain (author)2008-06-27

ROFLOL! This is a very creative project! 5/5 stars.

Dr.Paj (author)2008-02-05

Do Not Attempt To Cook These Over Fire! For some reason this brand burns faster. I don't quite know why yet.

Zontee at Lion Brand (author)2008-02-04

SO cute! He makes me feel guilty about eating s'mores though.

miumiu (author)2008-01-28

seems hard

aliciak (author)miumiu2008-01-29

Nope, it isn't, if you know how to crochet, that is. It's definitely a beginner's project.

taterbaby (author)2008-01-26

These are so cute! LUV! What a cute idea!

dillweed (author)2008-01-25

i like to skin them alive and then set them on fire again.

aliciak (author)dillweed2008-01-25


darkmuskrat (author)aliciak2008-01-25

Ma, get the kerosene!

darkmuskrat (author)2008-01-25

This is awsome, im so gonna make some of these for my lady friends ;)

janethetaxnerd (author)2008-01-25

I knew immediately what it was! I think I'll try to make a few for our next marshmallow roastie!

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-25

WOW! Great job! Very cute, the first two pictures look like it's a pearl in a clam thing. Nice job! +1 rating. (added to favorites)

Fruppi (author)2008-01-25

This little guy is ridiculously adorable, if a bit tragic :)

davidturner666 (author)2008-01-25

they look so cute- i want one- or a dozen - maybe two

stinkymum (author)2008-01-25

what a lovely idea!

ERNesbitt (author)2008-01-25

That's fantastic! I love the fried eggs on your site. I'll have to get the patterns for my wife.

canida (author)2008-01-25

Oh, those are cute! Your marshmallow doesn't know he's relatively lucky - he doesn't look too charred. ;)

aliciak (author)canida2008-01-25

Haha, true!!! Some mediocre marshmallow-roaster must have been in control. hehe.

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