Introduction: Frozen Grapes

These are so delicious and healthy

(They need to look more white than in the picture)

Step 1: What You Need

Bowl to fit as many grapes as you like in
Freezer to put them in

Step 2: How Many Grapes Do You Want?

I'm using quite a few (as much left in that bag) but you can use as many as you want

Step 3: Put the Grapes Into a Bowl

Put all the grapes you want into the bowl

Step 4: Freezer Time!

Now take the bowl to the freezer and place it in

Step 5: Keep Them In!

Keep them until they start turning white

Of you don't want gem all the way frozen leaven them in there for about 30 mins


aqua+12 made it!(author)2013-11-12


Jeana+Grace made it!(author)2013-10-02

I don't like blueberries

Blackie-and-Orangina made it!(author)2013-09-28

Do you like frozen blueberries?

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