Frozen Treat From the Garden

Picture of Frozen Treat From the Garden
Is there a better way to keep cool in summer with frozen treats made with natural products harvested from the garden?

Here is a very simple recipe for such a treat using Pomegranate seeds, Lemon Juice, Rose water and Honey, all extracts of fresh harvest from the home garden.
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Step 1: The Source and the Harvest

Picture of The Source and the Harvest
The Source and the Harvest

  • Fully ripe Pomegranate fruits from the Pomegranate tree.
  • Fully ripe Lemon from the Lemon tree.
  • Fresh rose petals collected from the Damascus Rose Bush.
  • Fresh honey collected from the Honeycomb.

Step 2: Pomegranate Seeds

Picture of Pomegranate Seeds
Harvest the fully ripe Pomegranate fruits and extract the seeds. Make sure the thin skin covering the seeds also removed. You may require about two to three fruits.

Step 3: Lemon Juice

Picture of Lemon Juice
Extract the juice from the Lemon fruit using a squeezer or any such equipment. Even you can extract the juice with your hands. Make sure to remove all seeds.
heron111 year ago

Just saw this, and looks great. I'm jealous of your garden too. Where I live, pomegranates don't grow on trees though I do have a Meyer lemon tree in a pot in a sunny spot indoors that has made 2 lemons this year. Thanks, will try this in the summer.

antoniraj (author)  heron111 year ago
thank you... hope you will get to make it in summer
canida1 year ago
These look amazing. I am extremely jealous of your garden, too!
antoniraj (author)  canida1 year ago
thank you.. come over here, you can have anything from the garden...
This looks like a tingling taste :). You are awesome sir.
antoniraj (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago
thank you Tarun Upadhyaya...