Is there a better way to keep cool in summer with frozen treats made with natural products harvested from the garden?

Here is a very simple recipe for such a treat using Pomegranate seeds, Lemon Juice, Rose water and Honey, all extracts of fresh harvest from the home garden.

Step 1: The Source and the Harvest

The Source and the Harvest

  • Fully ripe Pomegranate fruits from the Pomegranate tree.
  • Fully ripe Lemon from the Lemon tree.
  • Fresh rose petals collected from the Damascus Rose Bush.
  • Fresh honey collected from the¬†Honeycomb.

Redimate rosewater can be eat or drink????
Most of the times artificial flavors are added to ready-made rosewater. See the label, if it says it is natural rosewater only then you can drink it.
Oh. Thanks for information.
<p>Just saw this, and looks great. I'm jealous of your garden too. Where I live, pomegranates don't grow on trees though I do have a Meyer lemon tree in a pot in a sunny spot indoors that has made 2 lemons this year. Thanks, will try this in the summer.</p>
thank you... hope you will get to make it in summer
These look amazing. I am extremely jealous of your garden, too!
thank you.. come over here, you can have anything from the garden...
This looks like a tingling taste :). You are awesome sir.
thank you Tarun Upadhyaya...

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