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I found some great frozen yogurt bites at the store the other day, but haven't been able to find them again, so decided to make my own as they were just frozen yogurt covered with graham cracker crumbs

Step 1: Step One

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you will need:
one ice cube tray
one container of your favorite yogurt. Homemade is fine.
some graham cracker crumbs..boxed or make your own with a rolling pin or blender

Step 2: Step Two

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Put about one teaspoon of crumbs in each section of the ice cube tray. I forgot to get a pic of this step, but the amount doesn't need to be precise. Just add enough to cover the bottom of the section . I pushed a little up the sides. I didn't add butter to the crumbs, but you can do that if you choose.
 Add a dollop of yogurt to each section. I was able to fill one tray with one small container of yogurt. tap the tray a bit to help the yogurt level out.

Step 3:

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Add more crumbs to cover the tops of each section. I patted the crumbs down a bit. Place in freezer for about 2 hours. You can check it to see how firm it is as you may not want to wait til they're hard. They will firm up in about an hour, but still be soft.

Step 4: Step Four

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I ran a knife around the edges of each section and the yogurt cubes lifted out easily. There was a lot of extra crumbs left in the tray, so I used them to roll the sides of the bites in so they'd be completely covered. I ate some then, but as they hadn't t frozen solid, they started to thaw, so popped them back in the freezer again for about thirty minutes.
 In the picture I showed mine on top and the name brand version on the bottom. They tasted similar, but I believe they added some oatmeal and maybe some sugar to their crumbs. For the difference in price and the ability to make whatever flavor I choose, I don't see any reason to buy the premade bites again.
 Because they are frozen along with the added crumbs, they are more filling, so I wasn't able to eat the whole batch at once even though it was just one container.
 You can add whatever you want to the yogurt or even to the crumbs..granola, pecans, fruit...go for it!


scoochmaroo (author)2012-08-29


dulciquilt (author)2012-08-18

I just made a batch for my husband using sugar free yogurt. I may make several batches and keep in ziplock bags to get us through the rest of this hot summer!

WUVIE (author)2012-08-18

This is a great idea. I just happen to have leftover graham cracker crust and a tub of yogurt. Thank you! A good way to use up the littles, and much more healthy than those cheesecake bites I can't resist.

dulciquilt (author)WUVIE2012-08-18

You could get a cheesecake flavored yogurt and have best of both worlds

WUVIE (author)dulciquilt2012-08-18

Dulciquilt, I think I love you! LOL

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