Make your own edible arrangement quickly and cheaply with this easy tutorial. 

When flowers aren't quite right, or you want a present that's slightly more unique, a fruit bouquet is just the thing.  Completely customizable to suit any tastes, this special treat can be whipped up in an instant.   (Can anyone say "last-minute gifts"?)

What better way to get in your 4-servings a day, than this custom-made, personalized fruit basket slash flower bouquet with a twist! 

Step 1: Materials

Gather whatever fruit looks fresh that you or the recipient are fond of.  (If you're around for the receiving of the gift, there's no reason not to include a couple treats for yourself!).

You'll also need:
  • Skewers - I ended up using two different sizes, but a pair of good scissors will suffice!
  • A vessel to make the arrangement in - not too tall, and something kind of wide and opaque.  I started off with a clear vase, but you could see all the skewers through it, and that was not attractive.  I ended with a white tea pot.
  • Some clay or foam to stick the skewers in  (optional, really - it didn't serve me at all)
  • Chocolate for dipping (also optional)
  • Parsley to fill in as greenery
Love doing it!
<p>Great idea, I made it for Mother's Day.</p>
What did u put it in?
You may want to change the exact wording of your description, as Edible Arrangements is a franchise (and quite a touchy one at that!). I worked there last summer, and the company is very big on copyright.
I love your blueberry hyacinths! We are making one of these tonight as a family for Valentine's Day. Thanks
I've seen coupons for these types of edible arrangements at <a href="http://www.couponediblearrangements.com/" rel="nofollow">http://www.couponediblearrangements.com/</a>.&nbsp; It's a pretty basic site but sometimes they display coupons for places near you.&nbsp; I've seen them for 90% off!&nbsp; You have to hit it at the right time of day though.
Awesome! Be sure to share your pictures!
That looks very nice i have made a couple myself if you want some ideas check out my slideshow<br>
This is amazing. I just made one for mother's day and brought it to my mom. She loved it! (And ate about half of it before putting it in her fridge). It was tough to drive with, since I was driving alone - I didn't have far to go so I held it and drove with one hand.<br /> <br /> I used extra blueberries for the inside of my pineapple flowers, they worked great.&nbsp;I had a bunch of chocolate strawberries and a few rose strawberries. I also covered one of the blueberry sticks with chocolate!<br /> <br /> One note - I couldn't find a white container but I found a cheap ($3) plain clear vase at walmart. I printed &quot;Happy Mother's Day&quot; on the center of a piece of plain computer paper, rolled it up, and stuck it inside to hide the skewers - this worked great.<br /> <br /> I will post a picture as soon as I upload it to my computer! We still have to make another for my boyfriend's mom on tuesday because they're at the movies today :P<br /> <br /> Oh and my sister mentioned having tried chocolate dipped pineapple before, she said it was amazing. I'm wondering how this works and I'm about to google it...<br />
<p>That looks brilliant. I think I might try making one of these for my husband - it's our 4th wedding anniversary this year which (apparently)&nbsp;is Fruit and Flowers. This would be perfect.</p> <p>mmm I'm getting hungry looking at your pics lol</p> <p>:)</p>
Very pretty!&nbsp; I have not tried to make one of these but plan to the next time I have guest over!&nbsp; It looks like fun also!<br />
Careful you don't get sued by <a href="http://www.ediblearrangements.com/" rel="nofollow">Edible Arrangements</a> :) Great 'ible!<br />
<strong><em>WoW! This is AwSuM! </em></strong>
Wow! This is really cool! It looks just like the bouquets they make on that commercial!<br /> My mom made one kind of like this awhile back (I wonder if should try and find those pics . . . :-)<br />
I&nbsp;suggest: yes.<br />
Okay, finally found them on an old hard drive. Not exactly what I remembered, since it's not really the same, and I can't find a good picture of the watermelon. But if I find any more, I'll let you know.<br />
Oh wow that's so cool! I love it, very well done! A fruit basket and a platter with the centre piece as a pineapple, I'm loving it!<br />
Thanks, glad you like it!<br />
Very nicely arranged too. Ever eaten rose petals?<br /> <br /> L<br />
Depends on what type. I&nbsp;tried a yellow one which was really bitter, but a pink one gave a much fresher, but slightly bland taste.<br /> <br /> <small>And you really want to know why I go around </small><a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Rose_Garden,_Canberra" rel="nofollow"><small>The National Rose Gaden</small></a><small> tasting rose petals?</small><br />
I suppose that I <em>do</em> want to know.<br /> <br /> L<br />
:-)<br />
A friend of mine made one of these a few weeks ago - she used a head of lettuce to stick the skewers in, instead of foam. Don't know if she ate it afterward, seems like a bit of a waste.<br /> <br /> She did the melon balls for the pineapple and they looked great!<br />
Is it wrong that I want to make one of these, and then dunk the whole thing in chocolate?<br />
No, that is exactly right.<br />
This would be a lot of fun eaten with chocolate fondue... mmm<br /> <br /> Nice instructable. I'll print it out and tape it to the monitor so my mate will think I accidentally left it lying around somewhere subtle.<br />
&nbsp;YES! Great party idea!
Because no one would suspect a huge printed document taped onto the screen to be &quot;hinting&quot; at anything.... noo.... not at all....<br />
&nbsp;Thanks! &nbsp;I can't afford the ready-made ones &amp; these are a vegetarian's dream. &nbsp;The chocolate idea sounds good too! &nbsp;Yummmmmmmmmmmm.
&nbsp;Love it! genius idea :)
fabulous! one can only wonder whether to look at it or to eat it! <br />
yes the trick to pull out the inner top leaf works but don't be afraid to put the pineapple to your nose and smell it. Yes smell it, if it smells like pineapple then it's ready, I've bought a pineapple which wasn't too good. The top leaf pulled out ok but if I had smelled it I wouldn't have bought a rotten pineapple.<br />
Nice pictures.<br />
<small>told you</small><br />
Cute!<br /> I totally want to try this.<br />
Great idea!&nbsp; Edible arrangements are sooo spendy.&nbsp; This is a nice alternative, and a tasty one too, I'm sure.<br />

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