A fruit clock is a substitute for the traditional battery powered clock that does not require the use of actual batteries. It is a sustainable way to tell time as well as providing a way to get rid of some fruit that nobody's eating or that wasn't quite ripe. The clock can be build with any battery powered clock and any citrus fruit (although oranges worked best for me). The fruit clock is relatively simple to build and if done correctly can supply a week's worth of power.


3 copper wires

6 alligator clips

2 pieces of fruit

1 battery powered clock

2 pennies

2 paper clips (non-coated)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ers2gT1RxaA (photo above)

Step 1: Prepare the Wires

First strip the wires, if needed, on both sides and attach the alligator clips to the ends via clamping or soldering. Take the first wire and attach the penny to it. Then take the second wire and put a penny on one side and a paper clip on the other. For the third wire attach a paper clip.

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