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Have you ever had a problem with fruit flies. It seems once they get started they don't know when to stop. They come in on fresh fruit we buy and hatch off as the fruit ripens. Or in my case they are attracted to my worm compost.  Beside fruit fly traps cost money, why spend money when you can make a trap for pennies.

I've built and bought many fruit fly traps with little success. Starting with simple jar and stretch wrap with slits in the top. to funnel traps with large funnels. The ones with the slits didn't seem to let out the attractant enough to draw the flies in. Then when they found their way in they sometimes found their way out. The funnel design seemed to work better but it wasn't supper effective. Besides that they where difficult to build and look bulky or where to small to attract the fruit flies.The ones I've bought didn't seem to work either but I couldn't see in them to confirm my victory either. They also cost more money and couldn't be reused.

I finally took all my research some reading and some experience. I then combined multiple bug trap elements to create my own version of a fruit fly trap. I call it the "Fruit Fly Annihilator."


Here is the video tutorial.
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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
1. Decorative Jar
2. Plastic Straw
3. Stretch Wrap
4. Scissors
5. Lighter
6. Apple cider vinegar
7. Nail or metal Rod (shaft needs to be able to slide in straw with wiggle room)

Step 2: Don't forget the BAIT!

Picture of Don't forget the BAIT!
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Ok, so I'm putting this up early so you won't forget to add the Apple Cider Vinegar in the Jar before covering it with the Stretch Wrap.

1. I put about 1" of  Apple Cider Vinegar in the Jar.
2. Then I cover it with 2 layers of Stretch Wrap.
3. After that you want to use your Scissors to cut the Stretch Wrap that hangs past the bottom rim. (This is just to make it more attractive.)
1ofakindwork (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for the extra advice.
mfrontuto1 year ago
I just cut the top off of a two liter soda bottle, flipped it upside down into the lower.bigger half of the bottle and added liquid dish soap to the vinegar, worked like a charm. once they get in and go to the vinegar the soap kills them even if they manage to get out
1ofakindwork (author) 1 year ago
I meant I built the cider vinegar and soap trap. It worked ok.
1ofakindwork (author) 1 year ago
I had my worm composter in my basement over this last winter. Needless to say I had a fruit fly infestation. Hundreds of fruit flies were every where. I built every trap I could find. I built the one you mentioned, I built one different variation that just poked holes in a metal lid. I built funnel traps and I built the cider vinegar trap. All the traps did ok,but they didn't take care of the job. So I built this trap, I left all traps out as I continued making new ones. I noticed this trap attracted more fruit flies. I'm not sure if it was the straws looked like fruit or the jar was able to breath in fresh air and out the sweet smell of the cider vinegar. Well hundreds of fruit flies can only be tolerated for so long. So I vacuumed them up before my traps could finish them off.
1ofakindwork (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for the extra advice.
VadimS1 year ago
Balsamic viniger works well too.
I never bothered with the fancy funnels, just poked a few holes with a sharp pencil.