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This is a very easy and effective way to keep fruit flies at bay

Step 1: Step One Print the File !

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Step One -print the file below

Step 2:

Step two - put about 2 oz of something sweet in a wide mouth mason jar - White wine works great

Step 3:

Step Three - put the print on the mason jar and watch the flies go to their murky doom

Note- you may need to open the hole up a bit with a nail or a drill bit if it is very small- you want about an 1/8"


offseid (author)2016-10-18

I guess 3D printers are very common these days! I wonder if a funnel would work, or is the hole too big?

Ben Eby (author)offseid2016-10-25

a funnel would probably work well for larger house flys and wasps but the hole could be too large for fruit flies - best to experiment and see what works!

Fixereternal (author)offseid2016-10-20

I've used cider vinegar to great effect. A paper funnel works fine as long as you tape the edges of the jar to it and don't get the liquid on it. Thanks for the instructable!

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