Have you ever looked at a slice of fruit and been stunned at how absolutely gorgeous your food can be?

Well if the answer is yes then this is the Instructable for you.

With the help of mother nature, l will show you how to take fruits and vegetables and turn them into pieces of art.

I suppose I should give you a little background on how I came to do this. It all started with a piece of kiwi. I was slicing a bag full of kiwi I got off the discount rack at my favorite grocery store to dehydrate. I held up a slice of kiwi and the light that shone through my window illuminated the piece of fruit. I immediately thought of stained glass windows. At that moment, I knew what I had to do.

As months passed, I started collecting mental notes on various fruits I found to have the same effects and logged them in the fruit glass window folder in my mind. Alas, after many years of wanting to create these windows I finally found time. I will share with you my step by step procedure, what I learned during my process and the kinks.

Passo 1: Fruits and Veggies

So not having any experience in this and never seeing anything like this done before, it was a learn as I go type of situation

I started simply, slicing and dehydrating. I quickly realized I needed to find a way to keep that " just cut moisture look", so I tried different natural coatings. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I found that Modified Corn Starch was the key.

Passo 2: Tips

-No matter how much you want it and try, starchy foods like potatoes just don't work.

-Watermelon is awesome.

-You can use onion to create lines. Red onion cooked in water and a bit of baking soda turns the onions green.

-Cooking onions in black beans turn them dark purple.

-Peppers, dragon fruit, persimmon, tomato, beets, citrus, peeled kiwi, over ripe pineapple, seedless watermelon and red onion skins are a great starting point

-Blueberries take forever to dry but add a really nice element

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