Fruit Grabber




Introduction: Fruit Grabber

Hello Everyone

We have a small garden at our house.

My parents constantly caring for it, growing fruits of all kinds ( such as Oranges, Nectarines, and also Grapefruit )

When you want to grab some fruit from a high place, you need to take some high ladder, and hope that you will reach it

For this comes in handy the great brain of my father and my little help.

We created a long pole with clamps at it`s end.

When you pull the handle the clamps are closing and they grab the fruit.

The pole is made of aluminum , but we found it be very heavy .

So we are trying now to find some solution for this , maybe create some pole of string plastic.

Either way, the final ( temporary ) result is quite COOL.


Till the new device will be ready, we will use the ladder :)

Have a great day !



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