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This is my winning entry of a veggie racer competition we had.

Step 1: Get a Fruit!!! (or Vegetable)

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Find a fruit or veg. It doesn't really matter what.

Step 2: Axles

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Stick two straws through the vegetable(so they are parallel. Cut them so they aren't ridiculously long. Tape or glue in place.

Step 3: Wheels

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Get two skewers. Now cut them each so they are about 3 inches longer than the straws. Now get some cardboard, and find a circle shape and draw around it and cut it out. Do this four times. Make small holes in the centre of each wheel.
Now take each skewer and tape or glue the wheel, leaving a gap. Tape on both sides, so it is strong, and won't wobble much. Now stick each skewer (with a wheel on one end) through the straw. Tape or glue the other wheels in position.
Done!! Now race it with your friends ones.


Dylan Ryan (author)2016-03-22

You win the internet for today good sir.

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