Fruit Salad Served in a Pineapple





Introduction: Fruit Salad Served in a Pineapple

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1 or 2 pineapples
2 apples
3 blood oranges
4-6 kiwis
1/2 a lemon
1/2 cup coconut milk
ground cinnamon
ground cardamon
dash of sea salt

A pineapple corer makes it possible to serve the fruit salad in the shell of your pineapple. It's honestly a little silly, but nonetheless fun and memorable. Be sure to cut the pineapple in a bowl, as juice will spill out of the top while you are working.

Wash and chop the rest of the fruit. To speed things up, I cut kiwis into cubes, and use only the center part of the fruit for the salad; I snack on the remaining flesh by scraping the back side of the skin with my teeth. Juice the lemon into the chopped fruit to help prevent oxidation and browning.

Mix everything together. The coconut milk ties it all together and prevents the dried spices from feeling gritty in just fruit juice.

You will have more fruit than can possibly fit inside the pineapple shell, so keep refilling it to keep everyone in big smiles!



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    That's pretty cool looking! Nice idea! :) I'm cutting a pineapple up right now, no joke! :D

    Have fun 'ibling!

     Yum! I did it with cantalope intead.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA So delicious!!! I really love how you made a container for it... IF you freeze it, maybe it would look even better... :D

    That's really cool! No mango? Mango and pineapple are ambrosia together... I did the same thing except lengthwise and I grilled it.

    2 replies

    that looks really good also!

    That looks Yummy!!! I will have to ask my mom if she can buy that pineapple corer.

    Fruit Salad in a pineapple = Big Smiles!

    Great work. Makes for a nice simple idea.