Step 3: Apples

I use this method any time I need to cut apples, whether it's for apple pies or just to munch on.

Step 1
Slice in half, then into quarters.

Step 2
Cutting the first leg of a V shape into the core of the apple.

Step 3
Cutting the second leg of the V.

Step 4
The V shape pops out and with it the core and stem. All you are left with is a clean wedge of apple.

Once all your apples are done simply cube them all and fire them into the bowl.
why are your bananas so green? Do you like them that way?
I'll take my bananas any way I can get them, call me a slut for potassium. Joking aside, the greener they are the more perfect they are for fruit salad because they are really firm, something that is more desirable than soft browner bananas (albeit not as sweet). I love eating spotty bananas on their own as they have way more flavour!
Yum, looks delicious, I would have never thought of using cherry tomatoes in a fruit salad.

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