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Introduction: Fruit Slicer

I created a fruit slicer for your lunchbox. This will replace the need for a knife which is often not allowed in schools and to keep your fruit from drying out from being sliced before you take it.

Important features:

- rounded edges for safer handling

- removable plugs for holding the blade in and ease of cleaning

- rounded grip edge so that the blade does not slip out of your hand while in use

- spheres to properly align the blade in the channel

(files attached here)

Step 1: Setting the Base

First, take the base and place it standing up.

Step 2: Inserting the Blade

Hold the blade by the rounded top grip edge and insert the pointed edge into the channel on the top of the base.

Step 3: Inserting the Plugs

Place one of the plugs into each hole on the top of the base. Push the plugs down until they are even with the top of the base.



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    That's a neat idea, although I would be concerned that any edge sharp enough to cut through the fruit would probably also not be allowed.