You may have seen those plastic stacking fruit boxes in the trash... I did and decided to give my composting (red wigglers) worms a new home...

Nearly every bit of organic matter that has not gone into our bodies has ended up in our worm boxes. 
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Step 1: Materials and tools

  • plastic stacking fruit boxes
  • cardboard
  • utility knife
  • clothes pins (optional)
  • plastic bag (optional)
  • shovel (optional)

Step 4: Transfer the worms

We already have two very active and healthy worm boxes so I transferred the worms and muck into their new home. 
Kamala .J1 year ago
Do you buy whole stock?
metqa3 years ago
Very Clever. I wish I were lucky enough to find these sort of crates. I never see them discarded.
Purocuyu4 years ago
where are all these boxes in trash? Are these boxes trash from grocery stores, or are they used to harvest fruit? Are they like milk crates?