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Pi Day!
This is my second submission into the Pi Day challenge and for this one I thought about doing something both unexpected yet explicit. When I think of pi, there are 3 numbers that pop into my mind right away: 3.14. So why not think out of the box and give those numbers the attention they deserve on their day! I wanted to start this submission with a fresh and fruity combination of delicious pies while keeping pi as the main theme and inspiration. I thought using fruit would be a nice tribute to all the past seasons and a big welcome to summer. The first digit is blueberry and cream cheese filled. For the point, a tiny classic apple pie with even smaller pi adorn the crust. For the second digit a sweet and tangy ripe peach and mango flavor. And last but not least, a sweet and tart, utterly delicious raspberry and cream cheese filling for the third digit. Nest these fillings in a crunchy, thin and buttery golden crust joined by a dollop of vanilla whipped cream and you'll leave your guests speechless on Pi Day!

Step 1: Pie Dough

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For this recipe I used store-bought pie dough. I printed the number templates in white copy paper, and then used a sharp knife to cut the silhouettes in the dough. Then I did a little cilynder to act as a barrier for the filling about a quarter of an inch thick. To make it look pretty I added a third piece of dough, this one more embellished on top of the barrier.

Before putting my pies in the oven, I brush the borders with some egg wash (tip: I also used it to make the layers of dough that can be seen in the picture stick!). To make egg wash, just crack an egg, add a tablespoon of water and beat until incorporated.

This recipe will need an oven preheated to 350 degrees F.

Step 2: Blueberry-Cheese "Three"

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For blueberries:

1 1/2 cups fresh or frozen (thawed) (in this season i fared better with frozen from last year!) blueberries
2 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons flour
Juice of half a lime
Zest of a whole lime
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl!

For cream cheese mixture:
(this will be enough to be used throughout the recipe)

4 ounces of cream cheese, room temperature
3 tablespoons sugar
1 egg yolk
Zest of a whole lime
Splash (about 1/2 teaspoon) vanilla extract

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl!

Note: I suggest having blueberry jam/jelly/preserves or marmalade near! (although any dark berry will do)

Step 3: Preparing the "Three"

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Carefully spread the cheese mixture so that it forms a thin layer. Arrange the blueberries on top of the cheese, you want to have some liquid (so that they don't get too thirsty in the oven and become dry) but not too much (it can bubble too much in the oven). That's why I recommend using your hands, they'll act as a sort-of-colander for the blueberries you are putting on the pie.

Once it's looking good, brush some eggwash over the border, put it in the oven and let it go for 30-40 minutes, it's ready when the border has a bit of a tan (you'll see in the next step!).

Step 4: Our Final "Three"

Picture of Our Final "Three"

Why the jam? Well, after it comes out of the oven I heated a tablespoon of the jam in a saucepan (putting it in the microwave works just as well) until it became liquefied. Then just baste the top of the blueberries using a brush!

Step 5: Peach-Mango "One"

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2 ripe peaches
1 teaspoon of cornstarch
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon mango jam/jelly/preserves/marmalade (jam of any orange or yellow colored fruit will work)

1. Blanch the peaches. First, make an incision at the bottom of the peach, a little "x" is what i did, it's just to break the skin a little. Drop the peaches in boiling water for about 30 seconds. Remove and place the peaches in ice water to bring their temperature down and stop the cooking process. Once they're cool, peel and segment them into wedges.
2. Mix the peach wedges with the rest of the ingredients and let it sit. After about 10 or 20 minutes you'll start notice there is some juice at the bottom of the bowl. Perfect. Mix those juices with the mango marmalade and place it in a small saucepan until it liquefies. Before baking, baste this mixture on top of the pie using a brush.

Step 6: Preparing the "One"

Picture of Preparing the "One"

After basting, brush the it with egg wash and send it to the oven for 30-40 minutes until the border has that light tan.

Step 7: Our Final "One"

Picture of Our Final "One"

You can baste it with more warm mango jam after it comes out of the oven if you desire! By the way, the circles of the crust were made with the use of a straw.

Step 8: Raspberry-Cheese "Four"

Picture of Raspberry-Cheese "Four"


For raspberries:
1 cup fresh or frozen (now thawed) raspberries
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon flour
Zest of half an orange

Cream cheese mixture 
(from the same recipe that was used for the blueberry "three")

Again, some raspberry jam will come in handy!

Proceed to make the "four" in the same matter as in the blueberry "three" - cheese first, then berries. Egg wash the borders and send it to the oven for 30-40 minutes.

Step 9: Our Final "Four"

Picture of Our Final "Four"

 I already had some pomegranate gelee on the fridge, so I heated it up and used it to baste after it came out of the oven.

Step 10: Mini Apple Pie!

Picture of Mini Apple Pie!


Apple pie filling:
A quarter of an apple, sliced
1 teaspoon brown sugar
A squeeze of lemon
A pinch of cinnamon

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and fill a leftover dough disk, cover with another disk!

Do some incisions on the top and decorate with three mathematical symbols! Egg wash and place in oven for around 20 minutes until it achieves a light tan.

Step 11: Our Final "Point"

Picture of Our Final "Point"

My favorite part of the whole thing: three mini pi on top of a mini pie!

Step 12: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Enjoy with a dollop of vanilla whipped cream, ice cream or simply by themselves!

For the vanilla whipped cream beat 1 cup whipping cream, 2 tablespoons of sugar (or to taste) and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract with a mixer on high speed until the mixture creates billowy peaks.

If you do them I would love to know how it went!


Teddz0r (author)2013-03-14

Just looking at them makes me feel hungry!

I've featured them in the International Pi Day post over at Geek Crafts, please check it out at:

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Hey! I just looked at your post, thank you so, so much for your comments!

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Those look amazing ! Great Job

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i just loved it

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mrslambert (author)2011-03-27

Clever! Love that decimal point! Nice edging on the digits.

mary1950 (author)2011-03-23

It looks delicious!!! wonderful idea !

titi1979 (author)2011-03-23

Hey that looks delicious!! Congrats Terechu!

FootballFreak79 (author)2011-03-23

Amazing numbers!.. The taste must be incredible! Imagine that dessert watching the Monday Night Football... Priceless!

piejunkie (author)2011-03-23

Ooooooh! yummy-yummy those numbers! I so love these pie!

Pattytella (author)2011-03-22

OMG!!! This is amazing, i love the creativity and the design, i can imagine the taste... should be indescribable ; )

GGirls (author)2011-03-22

If I had a magazine I'll hire you as Editor in Chief, that picture is such a fun spin on a classic! geeky, classy, fruity... Excellent job!

ejferrerf (author)2011-03-22

Looks delicious. Good luck!

BettyAFC13 (author)2011-03-22

Looks so nice!.. Pie my thing, wanna try it!

zasuaje (author)2011-03-21

Amazing !!!! Congratulations :)!!!

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So delicious!.. This is a nice way to love Maths! Good luck Girls!

emilyyanne (author)2011-03-21

This is ADORABLE! Such a new and interesting twist on classics! I want to eat them all but at the same time the presentation is so perfect I do not want to mess it up! It really has the pi theme throughout all of it, too. Wonderful!

woodrot (author)2011-03-21


msquaredgt (author)2011-03-21

Many, many thanks for your comments guys!!

jessyratfink (author)2011-03-21

These are gorgeous. Your attention to detail is incredible! :D

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Wanna try those numbers so badly!

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much better than a donut, perfect with a duff beer

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Got to love the Mini pie!!!! looks great!!

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It looks so tasteful for anytime of the day!

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Come on Tere! this is amazing! Keep it up it looks delicius!

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keep on rolling Guys! Good Work

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i loveeee the tiny pie!!!!!!

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#1 my favorite!!! Good luck!

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Veronikdc (author)2011-03-21

The point (Mini pie) is just perfect for me! this is a master piece, the numbers are so perfect and provocative...I love it...

Mechaz (author)2011-03-21

Wanna eat it right away... God job!

euroferrer (author)2011-03-21

Beautiful design guys... Wanna probe number by number!

msquaredgt (author)2011-03-20

Thank you very much!!!

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OMG that's awesome. I want a 10 digit Pi! ;)

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must be done at home

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I can not wait to make this pie at Home. Good work Guys. You keep the world moving!!.

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