Fruity Rose Cocktail


Introduction: Fruity Rose Cocktail

For a delicious and light cocktail try this fruity drink. Nice for a party night to share with friends but also great for hogging the entire delicious drink to yourself.

For 1 Liter or about 34 ounces mix in a shaker and pour into fancy glasses:
  • 300ml (10oz) vodka
  • 150ml (5oz) Triple Sec
  • 300ml (10oz) apple juice
  • 10ml (0.4oz) grenadine
  • 20ml (0.8oz) lemon juice, preferably fresh; lime juice will do nicely also
  • 150ml (5oz) cranberry juice
Hints or variants:
  • Triple Sec is a Curacao sec and is orange or lemon flavoured, meaning you can replace it by a sour liquor or an orange flavoured liquor
  • Grenadine is a sweetener, it is a deep red syrup often used to sweeten bitter drinks, for instance champagne or vodka. It can be replaced by a sweet pomegranate syrup or juice but the juice may change the flavour a little



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