Introduction: Fruitylicious

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This is what Fruitylicious looks like after it is made!!

Step 1: Ingredients/Utensils

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These are all of the ingredients you will need to make the fruit salad!

Watermelon, banana, 2 kiwis, strawberries, apple, pineapple, and honey!

Utensils- Knife, spoon, and cutting board!

Step 2: Cutting the Fruit!

Picture of Cutting the Fruit!

After you have all of the fruit and all of the utensils you need to cut up all of the fruit!

Step 3: Mixing Ingredients Into the Bowl!

Picture of Mixing Ingredients Into the Bowl!

Now, after you have all of the fruit cut up you are going to add all of the fruit into a bowl, then you will mix in a little bit of honey!

Step 4: Fruitylicious Is Ready to Eat!

Picture of Fruitylicious Is Ready to Eat!

Now that Fruitylicious is in the bowl, it is ready to eat! Enjoy!


AmberMorris (author)2015-06-02

Now that summer is coming it is appropriate to add ice cream instead of honey.

mrshanni (author)AmberMorris2015-06-05

We are trying to be healthy so we wouldn't, but by all means add the icecream if you wish.

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