Picture of Frustrated Fruits, a fun and edible Angry Birds Spin-off.
This is a very fun and nice treat you can make in an hour with some leftover fruits and vegetables. In the end you will create a fun Angry Birds like game that you can eat.

Step 1: Materials!

Picture of Materials!
Fruit: Cherries, Cherry Tomatoes, Grapes
Veggies: Turnips, Radishes, Yams
Structure: Peanut Butter(If using thinner peanut butter, add a little flour to it to make it thicker,) Pretzel Sticks (The thicker, the better,) Carrot Sticks, Celery
Slingshot: 2 Forks, Small Piece of Cardboard, Small Rubberband
Base: Shoe Box
zazenergy3 years ago
We're running an angry birds challenge this week, if you can come up with another angry birds themed Instructable this week, you should!

lemonie4 years ago

Dude, get a video up - this looks great!