Frying Potato Skins and Bananas for Snacks


Introduction: Frying Potato Skins and Bananas for Snacks

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This is about frying potato skins, thin potato slices, bananas and wiener sausages for snack food.

Step 1: Wash and Peel Potatoes

Make sure you was and clean the potatoes, your hands and everything else that will be coming into contact with the food.

WARNING: You will be working with heat (a hot stove) and hot oil. BE CAREFUL! Wear protective clothing and do not be stupid.

Remember, you cannot put out an oil based fire with water, so take precautions and have the correct equipment on hand.

Step 2: Peeling the Potatoes

Peel the potato with a peeler so you get very, very thin "slices". You don't just have to "cut" the peel off, you can "peel" more of the potato as well. You can "slice up" the whole potato with the peeler if you want to, it goes quite fast. The fried skins won't last long because they will all be gobbled up before you know it.

Step 3: Heating the Oil

Pour about 250ml ( +/- 1 cup) of cooking oil, (sunflower, olive or canola will do), into a suitable pot. Heat the oil until ready to fry the skins. You will know the oil is ready when you put a peel (skin) into the oil and tiny bubbles start forming all around it and it "sizzles".

Step 4: Frying the Skins, Potatoes, Bananas and Wieners

Lower the potato skins into the hot oil with the "strainer" (I have no idea what you call the hot oil scooping net / sieve thing). Be careful not to splash or put too much skins (peels) in at one time. I had about 4 batches. Take them out when they start to brown. They go quite fast. Use the "strainer" again to lift the skins out. Remember the protective clothing like an apron and gloves.

After the skins (peels) do some thinly sliced potatoes and make your own "kettle fried" crisps (chips). Take them out when they start to brown.

Then do some cut up wiener sausages.

After that some banana slices. The banana slices do not brown so just heat them up well before taking them out.

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy

Put some salt on the potatoes or your favorite spices and serve.

Eat some yourself before you serve them because they do not last long and then they will all be gone.


Let them cool down a bit until warm, and then they are yummy as my daughter would say.

(I recovered about 100ml of oil after the frying was done.)



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    Wow, Andre, this looks amazing. Thank you for this recipe :) I'll be doing it tomorrow!! (Though my flatmate is on a diet and will probably try to strangle me before eating half of everything, teehee).

    Xoxo ;)

    Hermosas receta geniales sin desperdicios y apetitosas, hasta para agregar a una entrada

    "Everything I like is prohibited by law, or is a sin, or raise cholesterol"

    Now you are talking brother! No red meat, no sweet stuff, no beer, no .... well you get my point. Now if somebody can just grow some carrots that taste like steak. ;-)

    Even the doctors end up saying "from something you must die".

    Looks delicious! I have never had fried bananas, sounds like a genius idea :)

    1 reply

    It is! Try it, and you will love it.

    Awesome Instructable Andre!
    I'm going to try this soon!
    By the way, the utensil you're using is called a "spider".

    1 reply