Fudge Bracelet





Introduction: Fudge Bracelet

Heyo! Welcome to my fudge bracelet instructable! This is one of my original designs, I hope you enjoy!


- 6 peg prong loom ( I think you can find these in a dollar store, mine was included with my Super Crazloom)

- 2-4 colors of bands (the amount depends on wrist size)

- hook

- c or s clip

When you have your supplies, move onto Step 1!

Step 1: Starting Off

Place a A band on your loom. Place another A band beside it. Place another colored band across it. Before hooking, place six A bands on the outer edges. Notice that there are three bands. Hook them like you would a fishtail.

Step 2: Continuing

Keep placing bands and hooking, but you don't need to place the edging bands. The bracelet will come out of the bottom of your loom.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Now, when you think your'e done, hook it to where there is only ONE band on each post. Take a band, move it to the next post on the right, and hook the bottom band. Repeat until there are three bands (before repeating, skip a band then repeat), then until there is one band (don't skip a band here).

Step 4: Extension

Take the one band, put it on your finger (or hook), and remove the bracelet from the loom. Now, put on two fingers, stretch the band, and add the clip. There will be two loose A bands, take them, and put them on your hook. Then take another band (any color) and slide the A bands on it. Repeat about 2-8 times, depending on bracelet length and wrist size.

Step 5: You're Done

You are done! Again, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please let me know what you think! Bye!



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