A handsome looking junkbot with a fuel filter body.

Step 1: Parts and Tools:

One Fram G8219 fuel filter (or similar looking fuel filter) ($8 at Walmart).
Two shower sliding door rollers ($2 at Home Depot, door handle and hinge aisle).
Two spring nuts ($4 for a box of five at Home Depot, metal conduit aisle).
Two springs (from a $4 box of 84 assorted springs from Home Depot).
Four #8 x 1/2 inch sheet metal screws ($1 at Home Depot).
Two #8 x 3/4 inch sheet metal screws ($1 at Home Depot).
Two 1/8 inch by 1 inch fender washers ($1 for a pack of 8 at Home Depot).
One bronze colored sawtooth picture hanger ($3 for a pack of three at Home Depot).
Two bronze colored "18-10" crimp sleeves ($3 for a box of 12 at Home Depot, audio/video aisle).
Two spade terminals ($2 for a box of 15 at Home Depot, audio/video aisle).

Phillips screwdriver.
1/8 inch metal drill bit.
Dremel with cutting wheel (preferred) or hacksaw.
Metal epoxy (preferred) or hot glue.
Goof Off or paint thinner.
Nice job ! <br>I can put it in my car... <br>Just paste some double sided adhesive under the legs..
cute i geuss
very nice ...... ...... <br>how can i make <br>my own robots
Very cute :)
This is adorable!! nice job!

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