Ful Medames - Fava Beans - فول مدمس



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Introduction: Ful Medames - Fava Beans - فول مدمس

Ful Medames - فول مدمسOur heads were into other things hence we couldn’t release this in time for Ramadan. Ful Medames is an Egyptian staple we ate for breakfast, every single day during our time in Egypt. Some of the recipes of Ful made in smaller batches were good and the others, particularly the ones we ate in our cruise ship are not worth mentioning. Anyway, here is our take on the ancient Egyptian classic. In Indian cooking, cumin is commonly used as a sidekick for coriander. Mostly in the 1:2 ratio, whereas the Egyptians go the other way. Nevertheless, both these cuisines are unique and their techniques produce great results. By the way, Ful is popularly known as fava beans or broad beans in the English speaking world. Our recipe of Ful Medames will yield 4 servings, with 199 kilocalories in each.

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