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Introduction: Full 3D Printed Mini CNC

About: Hi I'm a maker,also a high school student from china. Contact at psrobotics@foxmail.com

Hi first,I'm a maker from China.

This project is a 3D Printed Mini CNC. All parts are printable. You can build your own at a low cost. All parts were printed on a traditional FDM 3d printer. It would takes about 40 hours gets all parts printed.

Besides the printeds parts. You only need 3 step motors to move 3 axis, a small brushed motor ,some cutting knife.An arduino UNO and 4 Easydrivers as the controller.

Thogh it's small, it can still work well with forms and soft plastics.

Step 1: Hardware Design

The CNC frame was designed with 3dsmax.

The frame include a the gantry structure and a X axis.the the gantry structure include the Y axis and Z axis .We use three high speed step motor(0.9º) to drive X,Y,Z axis.To make the CNC as small as possible,A 80 mm M3 screw were used as the silding screw. A brused motor was designed work with the carving knife.

Aafter days of printing (with an ultimaker2),we finally get all parts of the frame.

Step 2: Electronic Control

The cnc uses an Arduino nano as the controller. 4 easy drivers were used in order to drive the step motors.And a L293D moudle to drive the brushed motor.

Using the GRBL firmware to control the movement of the cnc.


Step 3: Test Carving

Using ARTCAM to generate the G code and control the CNC.

This machine can get a good result on cutting forms and soft plastic.

There're two examples which craved a "test" and a rabbit on an ABS plastic.

Thanks for watching and feel free to leave your comment :)

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    plesae share file.thanks you!

    Can you please share the STLs and electronics info..Thank you

    I am building a CNC Router like this at the moment. Can you tell me which specifications your spindle motor has, or do you have some recommendations which type of motor I should prefer for jobs like milling my own PCBs?

    2 replies

    I use a FF-180PH brused motor form Mabuchi Motor as the spindle in this project.


    But it only works well with soft materials. And it's not able to mill hard things like PCB. If you want to mill PCBs rather than cutting then .The RS-555/RS-775 from Mabuchi Motor might be a good,cheap choice.


    If you want a better spindle, a brushless motor with a retarder transmissioned by a belt would works better.(also more expensive)



    Thank you a lot for your answer! I will definitely look around for a motor like the RS-555 or the RS-775!

    looks gr8

    Really cool

    Share the files please