Introduction: Full Auto Airsoft Hpa Hi-power

Picture of Full Auto Airsoft Hpa Hi-power

this airsoft machine gun is very powerfull, 1.7 joules (same an airsoft sniper riffle) 2300 round per minutes

it's very fun this airsoft gun make a huge noise.

Step 1: Items List

Picture of Items List

1 paintball marker

1 m4 plastic body

1 6mm arrow carbon fiber

1 m4 magazine

1 red dot sight

1 pipe 6mm inside 8 mm outside 30cm

1 steel plate 10x15cm

1 empty can

1 steel plate 20x150mm

1 hose connection

Step 2: The Paintball Barrel

Picture of The Paintball Barrel

you must cut the paintball barel to give a space for that the magazine can be connected with the 6mm barrel.

cut it with a metal saw when it is mount on the body of the marker and screwed max. the hole must be downwards

Step 3: The 6 Mm Barrel

Picture of The 6 Mm Barrel

take the 6 mm barrel and put arround a foam tape to center it into the paintball barrel (1 in the middle and 1 at the end side hole off supply.

use the hose connection at the end of exit, to fix the 2 barrels together later. you must cut the hose connection and glue it on the end of the 6mm barrel.

drill a 6.5mm hole for the bb's supply. drill enought deep to make a holow down. this holow is necessary for the ascend of bb's

Step 4: Install the 6 Mm Barrel on the Paintball Barrel

Picture of Install the 6 Mm Barrel on the Paintball Barrel

use a 3mm metal screw to fix the hose connection on the paintball barrel.

the hole of bb's supply must be downwards

Step 5: The Magazine Support

Picture of The Magazine Support

you must align the hole of barrel withe the hole of m4 body.

drill and tapping on a point to fix the body on the paintball barrel

Step 6: Reinforced Steel Plate

Picture of Reinforced Steel Plate

twist a steel plate to fix better the m4 body.

make 2 tap on the top of the barrel whitch will be use to the steel plate of sight and prevent the rotation of the m4 body.

Step 7: Full Auto Mod

Picture of Full Auto Mod

you have the choice. you can use it shot by shot or in automatic.

to have automatic fire, you must unmount the trigger and fill the space . look the diagram to understand.

Step 8: Cylinder Head Adaptation

Picture of Cylinder Head Adaptation

cut a piece of the carbon fiber arrow to follow the diagram

glue it with hot silicon glue. the 2 must be perfectly aligned

Step 9: Cover Steel Plate

Picture of Cover Steel Plate

cut a can to cover the empty space and paint it

glue it with double sised tape

Step 10: The Red Dot Support

Picture of The Red Dot Support

cut a piece of steel plate an drill it to can install it on the top of paintball barrel with existing screws.

Step 11: Assembling and Test

Picture of Assembling and Test

if holes of bb's supply are aligned

if the arrow is aligned with the 6mm barrel

if the 6mm barrel have good fixation

it's work.

to test it before, you can activate the cylinder heat with your hand and bb's must fall by the end of barrel.

if the lenght of the arrow is too long, the bb's have not enought time to up into barrel, if the lenght is too short, the air can escape to the bb's supply hole.


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