Knex Machine Gun V1





Introduction: Knex Machine Gun V1

Hi everyone this is my fully automatic k'nex gun, it is similar to extreme builder's gun but mine fires different ammo. 
I will eventually improve this gun but i thought i would post it now, comment if you want me to post an instructable.
The gun has a range of up to 10ft (This will be improved) 
Thanks for looking :D



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    It looks epic, but Does it have the same mech as extreme builders full auto gun?

    yes the mechanism is very similar to extreme builders knex gun, also i wanted to fire actual knex pieces instead of bbs

    Instructions plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    k ill have to make them sometime

    yes! this looks really cool! please DO post an ible!!!

    I think I will post a instructable of this gun if it reaches a certain amount of views, besides this gun needs more improvement so ill probably make a V2 instructable

    If you have the parts you can try to make it a bit stronger.

    I know i just wanted to put it out there

    thanks for the constructive criticism