Full Auto Knex Gun





Introduction: Full Auto Knex Gun

About: Hey everyone, welcome to my Instuctable, or my Instructables page. Well I hope you like what you see and if you do, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE. I like to build just about anything from airsoft guns to fishing...

I wont be posting because the video was taken 2 months ago. My full auto knex gun prototype. Hope you like it rate, comment, and subscribe. I was sick when i took the video so my voice sounds weird. LOL



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    where is the gun at i dont see it

    Awsome job, if your going to make an upgrade someday work on looks.

    4 replies

    Because he only recently removed it.

    Not exactly full auto, more a wide gun with a lot of ammo loaded.

    1 reply

    if i built this, would i be able to exend the length & width so it can shoot more shots?

    2 replies

    I dont know exactly but just to let you know its a pain to reloa with 12 shots idk if you want more

    yes everything just shoots in 1 time

    sorry but no i just shot it that quickly you can control the rate