Full Auto Knex Oodammo Slingshot 2





Introduction: Full Auto Knex Oodammo Slingshot 2

This uses a really advanced trigger mech. It fires 3 rounds of oodammo from the back of the stock. The trigger must be reset by hand after firing. Build from the pictures. I don't have the entire gun made with real knex, but I did build the trigger to ensure that it works. It has a 3 round magazine and fires the bullets consecutively as the trigger is pulled down (you can fire full or semi auto this way). Attach 3 elastics (one for each round in your guns max capacity) to each of the blocks (6 elastics in all) at the front tip of the barrel.

If you build this, please take picture(s) and/or make a video. Ask me first if you would like to make an instructable for it.


The second picture shows the new front end and new elastic placement.



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I made this a while back and it shot wheels instead of oodammo

Dude, I love the ideas you come up with. They really get me to think more and more; this is an awesome concept(though I'm way late in seeing this lol).

what program is this?

i built the mech and put it on an already build rifle.. it doesnt work too well, though, sadly. it's more of a shotgun, it shoots them all at the same time, because once one oodammo comes off, the others slide to the top and fly off. it works great as a shotgun, though xD

You attached the elastics at the front of the gun to a point that is too high, put them on lower and it should be semi-auto.

i tried that, but the rod that you put ammo on bends forward too much. the ammo then slides up the slope it creates.. :S

Darn, I was afraid that would happen.