Full Auto Mech Idea





Introduction: Full Auto Mech Idea

Ok, so I was messing around with Luis 's semi-Auto mech, and made this magazine.

If this was incorporated into a gun, with a winch on the mag pusher, and the winch connected to a motor., a full-auto mech would be created.

Anyway, this uses CuddlesMCT 's internal mag pusher



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    I know it isn't the intent of this mech, but this just have me an idea for how to properly execute a horizontal magazine. Thanks!

    i don't have a motor, so i'll make a gattling gun.

    hi, i made your mag but i made a couple of changes, work in progress but yeah.
    here's a video, http://youtu.be/y_a3hV5FauQ

    can you look at my full auto gun Foofinator

    Perfect Mp40 clip...

    my friend does lego guns, and he was one on the same principle. (from a book tho, so we r still better!) and i've been trying to replicate it. this could be extremely helpful. ill post it if a finish. keep it up!

    i feel too young to say keep it up...

    you know... this could work if we can figure out a mech for the trigger to pull the top of the mag up, but then it would just burst out...