Introduction: Full-Automatic Rubberband Gun

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This is a monstrous rubber band gun i built. It fires 19 rubber bands as fast as you can spin the handle. It's 4 feet long, and can fire them full, or semi automatic. This gun is pretty beefy so it can take a lot of abuse.

Step 1: The Butt of the Gun.

Picture of The Butt of the Gun.

Build two of these.
(pretty basic.)

Step 2: Make the Barrel.

Picture of Make the Barrel.

Make 19 of these.
you could, if you wanted to, make as many of the as you want. They all just connect with green sticks, (except the "orange" connectors that are being held on through the hole in the middle, you'll learn how to connect the on step 5.
(sorry about the blurriness.)

Step 3: The Rubber Band Clinger Thingy.

Picture of The Rubber Band Clinger Thingy.

This is the part that you strap the rubberbands from. It's super dooper strong.

Step 4: The Spindle.

Picture of The Spindle.

This is what you turn to shoot the rubber bands.
Those spacers on the handle part of it just make it easier to spin.

Step 5: Construction

Picture of Construction

put it all together.
everything clips together with dark grey sticks.
you can basically see where you connect them in the pictures below.

Step 6: Loading & Shooting

Picture of Loading & Shooting

You'll need some sort of wide strap thats not very thick. I used a spare dog leash. Anything that'll clear the gap (width wise) on the red slips. You put the rubber band in the front part, you should've been able to figure that one out on your own, then you stretch to the closest (empty) red connector, and slip it on the back of it. When you put the rubber band on the back of the red slip you should bring the strap, (in my case the dog leash,) down with it. Then to shoot them you just turn the crank and have fun.

P.S. don't kill anyone or aim it at their eyes, it's pretty dangerous.

Step 7: Mods.

Picture of Mods.

I think you can basically understand how to do these from the pictures.
What I'd do if I were you is I'd just take the entire front and back end off of the gun but leave the entire barrel intact. Sorry if the notes and descriptions below are so long.

1.)This is the NEW version! It's really big, and beefy, which in this case is better because this thing has to withstand a lot of pressure from what used to be 19, but what is now 20 rubberbands. All the mods include: one more "barrel," a newly designed front end w/ beefier supports, outer and inner supports from the front of the gun to the end of the barrel, stronger butt-to-barrel-connections, a newly designed butt w/ added comfort and strength, a newly designed cranking system w/ a new light-weight spindle, more stable spindle supports, a sturdier crank, and a new "strap centering device." And the coolest one, a foldable turret stand!

2.)The very front.
3 & 4.)Inside the front end.
5 & 6.)Bottom of the front end.
7.)Side view of a section of the barrel showing how the outer and inner barrel supports are connected.
8.)Bottom view of the same section shown in pic #7 showing a little more of how the outer and inner barrel supports are connected.
9.)The new back end.
10.)A close-up view of the NEW light-weight spindle and strap centering device.
11.)The NEW butt w/ added comfort and strength.
12.)The NEW foldable turret stand.
14.)Close-up view of the top of turret stand.
15 & 16.)Close up view of the folding mechanism at the top.
17.)The folding device on the bottom.
18 & 19.)This is how you connect the turret stand.


An Villain (author)2009-08-04

that quadrupod is so big it should be on a mini-gun not a sniper.

smattman22 (author)An Villain2010-01-10

i know!

An Villain (author)smattman222010-01-13


Im gonna probably rebuild my minigun, maybe mod this stand for it.


BLACKROD (author)2007-03-31

Very cool, the only thing is the wobbleyness of the shaft in front, but I'm not quite sure how that could be fixed. It was pretty fun to watch though.

Vertigo666 (author)BLACKROD2007-03-31


altaria1993 (author)Vertigo6662007-04-07

make that a tripod :P

Vertigo666 (author)altaria19932007-04-07

What! XD

altaria1993 (author)Vertigo6662007-04-07

this thing looks liek its yuite heavy, so a tripod would even be better ;P

Vertigo666 (author)altaria19932007-04-09

'liek its yuite'. nice

altaria1993 (author)Vertigo6662007-04-10

should be quire, i typed it in a quick rush :P alty

Vertigo666 (author)altaria19932007-04-10

'quire'. again, nice.

agent harmsy (author)Vertigo6662007-05-05


altaria1993 (author)agent harmsy2007-05-07

i own at grammar/spelling stuff XD allways in a rush :)

gamerx365 (author)altaria19932007-05-15

lol hehe, lets see how long we can make the reply!

altaria1993 (author)gamerx3652007-05-17

at least this long :P

Vertigo666 (author)altaria19932007-06-07

even longer! surprise! quadropod, i would think wouldn't be as stable as a tripod.

altaria1993 (author)Vertigo6662007-06-08

haha, now its even longer :P

Vertigo666 (author)altaria19932007-06-08


Whaleman (author)Vertigo6662007-06-13

Dont be so happy, It isnt the longest on this site yet

Vertigo666 (author)Whaleman2007-06-13

So? it's the longest I've seen

pindalanderz (author)Mepain2008-08-09

the one right here is longer.

GeekBeam (author)pindalanderz2009-12-22

the link is either defunk or the topic doesnt exist but either way good luck with that ill just keep adding to the strand & get us all in the world book of records


GeekBeam (author)pindalanderz2009-12-22

i dont really care  but im amakin this reply strand longer cuz i want to

seszarahia (author)Vertigo6662008-03-04

nah... ive seen longer than this.

have you?

j-chode! (author)Vertigo6662008-08-08

You haven't seen anything.

Whaleman (author)Vertigo6662007-06-13

Well, then, we'll just have to keep on coming up with excuses to reply so that this is the longest reply on this site.

Whaleman (author)Whaleman2007-06-13

The longest chain can be found here. It does'nt seem like the longest, but it is actually 33 replys long, while this one is only 19 (20 if you count this one) replys long.

Vertigo666 (author)Whaleman2007-06-14

well we'll just have to keep making excuses then. is that whole thing just replies?

Whaleman (author)Vertigo6662007-06-14

ya, sortof, it is like a list of replys then one of the replys gets 2 replys, then those replys get there own replys and so-on

Vertigo666 (author)Whaleman2007-06-14

well we'll have the longest reply to reply reply here

Rage (author)Vertigo6662007-06-14

now there is 28! (im having fun!!)

Vertigo666 (author)Rage2007-06-14

29! we're all havin fun now

Vertigo666 (author)Vertigo6662007-06-17

just keep GOIN!

Pat Sowers (author)Vertigo6662007-06-23


Vertigo666 (author)Pat Sowers2007-06-23

we couldn't care less what the total is, just keep goin or you can keep the other one goin dunno where it is

Kaiven (author)Vertigo6662007-12-03

whatever happened to "keep it goin'" ?

Vertigo666 (author)Kaiven2008-03-21

We're still goin. Just took a break.

Pat Sowers (author)Vertigo6662007-06-23


Rage (author)Whaleman2007-06-14

make that 21!!

what does THAT mean?

actually i created a quadropod.

Quadpod sounds better.

mythbusterma (author)Knexagon2008-07-09

quadrapod actually

smattman22 (author)2009-11-24

 you need to move back the quad pod because on real guns theres a blast at the end of the barrel and it would ruin the bipod (quadpad)

gangang (author)2009-09-13


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